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Meet the Mob: Ryan Drost

The first of the Drost twins to be profiled in the Meet the Mob series, Ryan Drost.

Player: Ryan Drost
Age: 26
Location: Harlem
Nicknames: My nickname in college was Buffalo, but only a few people still call me that, and nobody on Empire does.
So far this season, Ryan has been racking up the stats. Seriously. His stat page is one of the most impressive in the entire AUDL. Without his play, the Empire certainly aren’t looking at the 3-0 record they have now – or at least the ease in which they achieved it.
[Bold = Empire, Italics = Ryan]

What is your experience playing ultimate?

7 Express (2012-2015), Swell (2011), Amherst College (2007-2011)
What was your favorite sport growing up?

Basketball, I definitely thought I was going to play in the NBA. That dream was quickly squashed when I didn’t make the freshman team in high school.
You can choose one food for pre-game meals, what do you choose?

Probably have to be boring and go with pizza.
When opponents come to New York, they should have some fun so… what’s your favorite tourist-heavy spot in the city?

Central Park. great for tossing a disc!