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Quick Thoughts on Breeze, Phoenix, and Rush in CT

Quick Thoughts with Taylor Brooks following the Empire’s loss to the DC Breeze on Long Island:
“Both [of] the loses to [the D.C. Breeze] were so close that it really makes us hungry for a win the next time we play them.”

The Breeze beat the Empire 15-14 on the team’s first ever trip to Long Island for a game.
“The mood was very positive and high energy towards the end of the game. When it was tied and we had the disc with 2 min left, I think we all believed we would win. Just didn’t work out.”

It was one of the most exciting Empire home games ever, with fans on the edge of their seat the entire time in this defensive battle. The players were feeding off of that energy as well, as it helped not only propel a comeback from an early Breeze lead, but hold off those advances for the entire game.
“We changed up a few of our offensive pull plays based on the defenses we saw them use in the first game.”

The Empire made it a point of changing up their strategy a bit, with the hopes that it would help the Empire slow down the high-powered Breeze offense, and come out on top with a victory.
“Defense. As always, our defense played amazingly and kept us in the game. They generated so many more blocks than the DC defense, our offense just needs to stop making mistakes.”

For every year of their existence, the Empire have relied upon a strong defense in order to keep them in the game no matter what the opposition has thrown at them. This game against the Breeze was no different.

“Offensive efficiency and chemistry. Our offensive flow can get stagnant at times.”

Attention other AUDL teams: this is what the team has identified as their weakness, and what needs to improve to have the Empire fighting for the AUDL Championship. But the Empire are always working on this area in practice, and even though it is still a team weakness, the improvement from the beginning of the season is noticeable.


On Saturday June 4th, the Empire traveled down to Philadelphia to take on the Phoenix. In the first game for newly acquired Jeff Babbitt and John Wodatch, each fresh off of their D-1 College Championships appearance with their respective college clubs. The Phoenix were simply no match for the Empire in this game. The Empire were able to dictate defensively (where have we heard of that being in the cards before?) from the start of the game, and that truly hindered the Phoenix and their ability to do anything substantial this game.
With the win, the Empire improved to 5-3 on the season.


And then on Sunday June 5th, the Empire are traveling to Bridgeport, CT to play their first ever game in Connecticut, and to take on the Toronto Rush. The Rush are coming off of a loss to Breeze on Saturday, and the game against the Empire will not be an easy one. If the Empire are able to springboard their big win against the Phoenix into a win against the Rush as well, the team will put themselves squarely in the conversation to take the division title.
If you need help getting there, Google Maps can help.
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