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Meet the Mob: Taylor Brooks

Next up for Meet the Mob, Empire mainstay Taylor Brooks, who wanted to stress how excited he is for the 2016 season.

Player: Taylor “Brooks” Brooks

Age: 26

Number: 7

Location: East Harlem
For all four seasons of the New York Empire, Taylor Brooks has been a mainstay. Now one of the main offensive contributors, Taylor has done it all for the team. Now with his leader hat on – instead of the Miami Dolphins beanie you might usually see – getting over the playoff-hump and into the AUDL Championship game.

[Bold = Empire, Italics = Taylor]
What is your experience playing ultimate?

Radford University Scoundrels. Virginia Squires. YAK. PoNY. Empire all four years.
What was your favorite sport growing up?

Baseball, tennis, and golf.

You can choose one food for pre and postgame meals for the whole season, what do you choose?

Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and nutella – burgers and wings – but probably chocolate chip cookies.

When opponents come to New York, they should have some fun so… what’s your favorite tourist-heavy spot in the city?

Go see a Yankee game. But bonus and less-tourist heavy, Drunk Shakespeare.