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Meet the Mob: Mike Drost

We profiled Ryan Drost, now it’s time for Mike Drost in this next Meet the Mob.

Player: Mike Drost
Age: 26
Location: New York, NY
Did you know that the Drost brothers were twins? Did you think they were the same person? Did you confuse the two, as I have and probably will continue to do? It happens a lot for twins. It happens even more for two twins playing for and tearing it up with New York’s professional ultimate team.
[Bold = Empire, Italics = Mike]

What is your experience playing ultimate?

PoNY (2015), 7 Express (2013-2014), Swell (2012), Georgetown University (2008-2011) and of course NY Empire (2013-2016).
What was your favorite sport growing up?

To play, basketball.
You can choose one food for pre-game meals, what do you choose?

Pizza (Hmmm… maybe they really are the same person!)
When opponents come to New York, they should have some fun so… what’s your favorite tourist-heavy spot in the city?

None. They’re all terrible.  No, actually I don’t go to any so it’s hard to say. But anywhere but Times Square, that place is awful.